Windows Embedded Standard vNext based on Windows 7!

The PDC is taking place this week in Los Angeles and on Tuesday’s Keynote, Windows 7 (future version of the Windows desktop OS) was unveiled. If you want to learn more about this announcement, you can read this article.

This is a really interesting news, especially for what concerns Windows Embedded Standard…
During his Keynote at ESC Boston, Kevin Dallas, General Manager for the Windows photoEmbedded Business group, announced that the next version of Windows Embedded Standard will be based on Windows 7!

You now certainly know about Windows Embedded Standard 2009, the latest version of Windows XP Embedded (if not, learn more here). Only a little part of Windows 7 features where unveiled, but the simple fact that Windows Embedded Standard vNext, a.k.a. “Quebec” will be based on Windows 7 is a fantastic news: the Embedded OEMs will be able to leverage the latest desktop technologies on their Windows Embedded Standard devices!

So there was a session presenting Windows Embedded Standard “Quebec” at PDC and we had a nice booth over there (see picture aside). Bet that I will tell you more about his shortly! stay tuned!