Windows Embedded track @ TechEd 2008


You might be aware the MEDC (Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference) will not take place this year. On the counterpart, you'll have the opportunity to attend to a full Embedded track at TechEd 2008 in Orlando. Get a chance to attend to pre-conferences and breakout sessions about Windows Embedded technologies and tools.

Here is the description of the Windows Embedded breakout sessions track:

Windows Embedded: Enhance your technical skills in the development and implementation of Microsoft® Windows® Embedded operating systems, including Windows Embedded CE, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded for Point of Service, and .NET Micro Framework. Learn how to easily build reliable, powerful, and intelligent smart connected devices utilizing our end-to-end development tools, support, and resources. Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system technology has been deployed in the broadest and most demanding environments, and is at the forefront of providing a solid foundation for the next generation of 32-bit embedded devices. Windows Embedded products help you provide highly customized device designs on a flexible platform with easy-to-use development tools.

And here are the abstracts for the pre-conferences of the first day:

PRC05 Windows Embedded for Developers, Speaker(s): Jason Johnson: This tutorial introduces the key features of the Windows Embedded platform products: Windows Embedded CE, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded for Point of Service, and .NET Micro Framework. Windows Embedded CE 6 R2 includes a redesigned kernel, WSD, and other key new improvements which will impact your platform and application development. Windows XP Embedded is used to develop very robust embedded systems such as Thin Clients, point-of-service, and gaming machines. If you are new to Windows Embedded this pre-conference session and hands-on lab provides a first look at the features and tools for building and deploying a Windows Embedded image onto a device. In addition, best practices for embedded application development are also shown. The day concludes with a hands-on lab designed to reinforce the platform and application development lessons learned. Attendees will leave with a great foundation of knowledge to take into the regular Tech•Ed conference Windows Embedded sessions that deep dive on specific subjects.

PRC26 Hardcore BSP/Driver Development for Windows Embedded CE, Speaker(s): Olivier Bloch, Yannick Chammings, Travis Hobrla, Kurt Kennett: This full-day presentation arms you with the information you need to get Windows Embedded CE running on your hardware. Instead of soup to nuts, it’s Bootloader to File System. These sessions dive deep into BSPs from how to build your own BSP from scratch to bringing an existing BSP up to speed for CE 6.0. Walk away with the advantage of lessons learned and tricks for driver development, in-depth coverage of how to build kernel and user mode drivers, as well as file system architecture. If you are a Windows Embedded CE hardware developer this course is for you

PRC27 Everything But the Kitchen ISink for Windows Embedded CE Development, Speaker(s): Damon Barry, Olivier Bloch, Douglas Boling, Yannick Chammings, Santosh Hegde, Sue Loh, James Stulz: This all-day seminar covers a range of key topics to help you get your Windows Embedded CE device to market faster. These sessions get down to the nitty gritty of DRM, graphics architectures and streaming, imparting tips and tricks on how to squeeze more performance out of your project, as well as diagnose problems. Gain the foundation to build your device to be not only smart and connected but service oriented with the help of Web Services on Devices so your next device can participate in more and more integrated user experiences. Whether you are building a connected media device or a pig slicer you will walk away from these sessions with a good breadth of knowledge in key areas developing on the Windows Embedded CE platform.

And finally, do not miss the Mike Hall's lunch panel session, the better place to learn about Windows Embedded family and ask all the questions you might have to Microsoft's embedded experts.