OneDrive for Business 2013 sync client in a loop and disappears

OneDrive for Business could start crashing with symptoms of the following:

  • multiple blue clouds filling up the taskbar
  • Sync and OneDrive for Business disappears
  • Office Upload center pops up for a repair and it loops in endless repairs
  • Application event logs shows an application error (Watson error)

How to resolve it:

1.  Run the fixit tool from the KB:  How to remove the OneDrive for Business cache by using the "Fix it" tool

2.  Still have the symptoms after running the Fix It from step 1, then be sure that all Office applications are closed within the Task Manager  | Details, excel.exe, powerpnt.exe, groove.exe, onedrive.exe, cissynclient.exe, msosync.exe, if any of these processes are listed, then click on them and end the process. 

3.  Go to Windows Explorer, in the address bar, type %appdata%, then back to Local folder: C:\Users\UserProfileName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache, centraltable.accdb is 2 GB in size then this needs to be deleted along with the files in the folder.

NOTE:  There is a 2 GB limit on the database and will be one of the symptoms to cause OneDrive for Business to go into endless repair loop.  

4.   Once all of the files in the OfficeFilecache are removed, then start OneDrive for Business again.  Upload center may prompt to repair, click on repair, then it will working as normal.

Applies to product OneDrive for Business 2013