The New Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010

Lately, the PowerPoint Team has been writing a lot about the new slide show experience. Transitions, animations, and video will look better and run smoother in PowerPoint thanks to the brand new rendering pipeline that ships with PowerPoint 2010. This recent post highlights the differences between this new, hardware-accelerated engine and the old engine that runs in PowerPoint 2007:


The purpose of this upgrade is to enable you to create more visually stimulating slides and tell a more compelling story.  The new rendering engine also serves as a platform on which we can build more complex and interesting animations in the future.  Here are a couple of blog posts with example presentations that show some of the new features in action:

BrandNewSlideshow AnimationPainter

Visit the PowerPoint Team Blog to learn more about the upcoming release! Here are some of the other great features they’ve been talking about:

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