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This week, we announced the availability of the Office2010 Technical Preview for limited testing. Over the coming months, we hope to learn a lot from our Technical Preview customers about Office2010 and at the same time, we will use this blog to highlight some of the new capabilities that we have added to Office. In addition to this blog, you can find lots of content on the existing Office team blogs, plus the http://www.office2010themovie.com web site, which hosts a set of 'behind the scenes' videos describing the people and the ideas behind Office2010.


This blog will cover a wide range of topics, but will center on the experience of using Office. We will cover topics that are generally of interest to a broad set of Office users and multiple Office applications. We will rely heavily on the existing well-known Office application team blogs to provide in-depth product discussions for specific Office applications.


First up will be a post about how we use customer feedback to improve the product and some new feedback mechanisms in the Technical Preview. We will follow this with a post on the new Office Backstage UI. Please post comments. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


PJ Hough

On behalf of the Office team