Check out our newly designed Office pages on TechNet!

We’ve been working hard to streamline our TechNet pages to incorporate Springboard elements as well as make popular articles and downloads easier to find. Have you visited our TechNet pages lately? If not, here are some of the changes we think you’ll like:

Office home page: Our click data indicates that the Downloads link is popular on just about every page it appears on, yet it was nowhere to be found on our Office home page. We hear you! On the home page, we added links to Office 2010 and 2007 downloads, updates, support, forums, and more. We added direct links to some of our most popular downloads, and we simplified how we display links to Office products and resources.

Office 2010 home page: A recent usability study indicated that the Springboard lifecycle pages (Discover & Explore, Pilot & Deploy, Manage) were difficult to find because their links are integrated into the navigational graphic. We now have easy-to-find links to these pages. You’ll also find links to popular Office 2010 downloads and a running feed of our updated Office Resource Kit content.

Discover & Explore Office 2010: We’ve re-sorted the articles in the Technical Guidance section to make them easier to scan. You’ll also find links to application changes, trial downloads, and videos that introduce various Office applications.

Pilot & Deploy Office 2010: We used a “less is more” approach to highlight popular and relevant articles. You can find an expanded set of articles by following the More=> links. Our model posters are featured prominently, and we’ve included links to download Office tools for piloting and deploying Office 2010.

Manage Office 2010: We re-sorted the topics and added links to downloads that are relevant to Office desktop management.

 Is there anything else you’d like to see on these pages? Do you use them often? Never? We’re listening—leave a comment!