Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 10 (SIR v10)

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report - volume 10 (SIR v10) was recently released.

What is the Security Intelligence Report?

The Security Intelligence Report (SIR) is an investigation of the current threat landscape of operating systems, web browsers, and applications.  It analyzes exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware based on data from over 600 million systems worldwide, as well as internet services, and three Microsoft Security Centers.

Where can I see a short video that highlights some of the key findings in the SIR v10?

The following video, Consumerization of IT and Sophistication of Attacks, talks about some of the key findings from the SIR v10.

Where can I find information to help me understand the concepts and terminology used in the SIR?

The SIR Reference Guide is a companion piece to the SIR. It is intended to provide background information to enhance your use and understanding of the telemetry contained in the Key Findings section of the SIR.

Where can I find the top security tasks relating to Office 2010?

The Office 2010 Security Resource Center contains technical guidance and resources to help the security IT professional better understand and apply the security controls available in Office 2010 for helping build a robust defense against threats while maintaining information worker productivity.


Ross Carter, CISSP