Office Compatibility Tools Update 1 Available for Download

The Office Compatibility Tools Update 1 delivers important fixes to the Office Compatibility tools improving reliability and performance. The update addresses the existing Office Compatibility tools including: Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM), Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT), & Office Code Compatibility Inspector (OCCI). 


The update delivers several corrections to the existing tools.  The Update 1 release notes document details the issues that the update addresses.  Download the release notes for the Office Compatibility Tools Update 1 to review the complete list of delivered updates. Microsoft Word | Microsoft XPS


Upgrading to the new versions of these tools is not supported. You must reinstall each tool to use the Update 1 version of the tools. Prior OMPM file scans (xml or cab files) or OEAT environment scans are not compatible with the Update 1 versions. You must execute new scans to use the newer versions of the tools.


While we are happy to bring the updated versions of the tools to everyone, I want to keep the focus on the overall goal - that is to help you get Office deployed more quickly with less risk for you.  The tools can help you accomplish the goal of getting Office deployed but you must use them properly.  What is the proper use? The important thing to remember is to avoid over discovery which can lead to extended analysis cycles.   Ensure you collaborate with your content owners to target the content and apps which hold the greatest value to the business. 


Office Migration Planning Manager


Download OMPM


OMPM User Guide

Office Environment Assessment Tool


Download OEAT


OEAT User Guide

Office Code Compatibility Inspector


Download OCCI


OCCI User Guide