User productivity job aids from Microsoft IT

IT Showcase, the team in Microsoft’s IT department that shows you how we’ve deployed our own products, has a set of user productivity job aids. These simple, easy-to-use customizable job aids help employees get started with something new, learn more about using a technology or product effectively, select the right product or service, or review best practices.

Microsoft IT created the Everyday Productivity Education (EPE) program to bridge the gap between technology and users. EPE provides employees with simple, scenario-based, best-use productivity aids on Microsoft products and technologies. As EPE continues to evolve, Microsoft IT expects to see more consistent, productive, and cost-effective use of products and technologies across the company.

Download customizable versions of EPE materials to use as samples and reusable templates that specifically address the scenarios and processes in your information worker environment. Pages within EPE guides contain placeholders for customized information, which you must edit to fit your corporate environment. The zip download file contains a model of the EPE intranet site for your own use with editable content in the EPE Docs folder. When you customize the documents, the HTML model will link automatically to the guides updated to fit your environment.

· Guide List for Windows XP and 2003 Microsoft Office System

· Guide List for Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office System

· Intranet Site Model Zip Download (74.0 MB)

The Everyday Productivity Education (EPE) program helps explain which tools to use and how best to use them. EPE job aids bridge the information gap and provide workers with answers to their questions about Microsoft tools and technologies.

· Technical Case Study

· PowerPoint Presentation

- Andrea Weiss