Why is there a Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Center?

The Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Center enables you to monitor files that you’re uploading to a server. In particular, the Microsoft Office Upload Center uses a feature known as Efficient File Transfer (EFT) to help reduce bandwidth usage between SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 applications. After a file is fully uploaded to the SharePoint 2010 site, a local copy of the file is kept in the Microsoft Office Upload Center (in the Office Document Cache), where it is broken into smaller units for editing. This breakdown of the file also takes place to the file that is uploaded on the SharePoint site. When you make changes to the local copy of the file, EFT sends only the changes to the SharePoint site. As a result, files open more quickly and you can start using the file before the download is complete.

You can access the Microsoft Office Upload Center by either clicking the Microsoft Office Upload Center icon in the notification area or by opening it from the Start menu (StartMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Office 2010Tools Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Center).

Upload Center

The Microsoft Office Upload Center lists all files that have been cached.  Users can monitor the status of files that are in the process of being uploaded. Users can also manage cache settings to determine how long cached files are retained and to delete all cached files, if necessary.

Removing the Microsoft Office Upload Center icon from the desktop

When you install Office 2010, the Microsoft Office Upload Center installs automatically. If you wish, you can remove the icon from  the desktop:

  1. In the Taskbar or System Tray, right-click the Office 2010 Upload Center icon.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Display Options, clear the check box for Display icon in notification area, and then click OK. The icon will no longer display in the Taskbar or System Tray.


For more information about how to use the Microsoft Office Upload Center, see Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Center.