New Features of Interest to Developers in Visio 2010

If you’re a Visio solution developer, you’ll find several new features in the Visio 2010 Beta to interest you and to enhance your ability to create great Visio solutions. Among these features are the following:


· The ribbon component of the Office Fluent user interface—“the ribbon,” for short, which gives Visio a new user interface, taking the place of the system of menus and toolbars that existed in previous versions of Visio.

· Containers, lists, and callouts—new ways to organize your Visio diagrams.

· Diagram validation—a feature that lets you analyze a diagram to verify that it is properly constructed and is compliant with business logic defined for the document.

· Sub-process diagrams, which make it possible to extract a set of shapes from a diagram and move them to a separate, linked page.

· Raster export configuration options, making it possible for you to get and set options for export of Visio diagrams in raster file format.

· Publishing Visio diagrams to SharePoint servers as VDW files.


And many more…


You can find more information about all these features and more in the articles “What’s New in Microsoft Visio 2010 for Automation Developers” and “What’s New in Microsoft Visio 2010 for ShapeSheet Developers,” in Visio Developer Help. For more information about how to download the latest updates to Help for the Beta release, see the post Developer Help Updates for Office 2010 Beta in this blog.

Also, check out the Visio Team Blog, here:


And watch for articles to be posted on MSDN in upcoming months that provide code samples showing how to make use of these features in your solutions.