Office, SharePoint, and Exchange Server Protocol Documentation Updates — June, 2017

During May and June we released the following Open Specifications documents with bug fixes and a variety of other updates. As always, specific changes to the technical content are indicated in the Change Tracking section at the end of each document. The documents may be updated frequently. To be notified of document updates as they release, we recommend subscribing to the RSS feed on the document home pages.

Office Protocols: [MS-CONFBAS]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Basic Architecture and Signaling [MS-CONFPRO]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Provisioning [MS-GRVSPCM]: Client to Management Server Groove SOAP Protocol [MS-ICE2]: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) Extensions 2.0 [MS-OCAUTHWS]: OC Authentication Web Service Protocol [MS-OCER]: Client Error Reporting Protocol [MS-PWEDPS]: PowerPoint Web Editor Data Protocol [MS-SIPREGE]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Registration Extensions [MS-WOPI]: Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol

Office File Formats: [MS-ONE]: OneNote File Format [MS-PST]: Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) File Format [MS-XLSB]: Excel (.xlsb) Binary File Format

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Standards Support: [MS-ODRAWXML]: Office Drawing Extensions to Office Open XML Structure [MS-OI29500]: Office Implementation Information for ISO/IEC 29500 Standards Support

SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocols: [MS-AADT]: Access Application Design Time Protocol [MS-ADR2]: Access Services Data Run Time Protocol Version 2 [MS-BDCMP]: Business Data Catalog Metadata Web Service Protocol [MS-BDCRAWPS]: Business Data Connectivity Remote Administration Web Service Protocol [MS-BDCWPS]: Business Data Connectivity Web Service Protocol [MS-CIFO]: Content Index Format Structure [MS-EDINTWS]: eDiscovery Internal Web Service Protocol [MS-EMMCSOM]: Enterprise Managed Metadata Client-Side Object Model Protocol [MS-FSSHTTP]: File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP Protocol [MS-FSSHTTPB]: Binary Requests for File Synchronization via SOAP Protocol [MS-FSSHTTPD]: Binary Data Format for File Synchronization via SOAP [MS-LISTSWS]: Lists Web Service Protocol [MS-OSCO]: Office Server ClickOnce Manifest Structure [MS-PASCWS]: PowerPoint Automation Services Conversion Web Service Protocol [MS-PPSAPP]: PerformancePoint Services Application Server Protocol [MS-PRIMEPF]: Deployment Package Format [MS-QSSWS]: Search Query Shared Services Protocol [MS-UPSCWS]: User Profile Service Application Caching Web Service Protocol [MS-USPSWS]: User Profile Service Web Service Protocol [MS-VGSP]: Visio Graphics Service Protocol [MS-WSSFO3]: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Version 3 Protocol [MS-WSSFOB]: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Base Protocol

Exchange Server Protocols: [MS-ASCMD]: Exchange ActiveSync: Command Reference Protocol [MS-ASWBXML]: Exchange ActiveSync: WAP Binary XML (WBXML) Algorithm [MS-OXCDATA]: Data Structures [MS-OXCRPC]: Wire Format Protocol [MS-OXDSCLI]: Autodiscover Publishing and Lookup Protocol [MS-OXWSMTGS]: Calendaring Web Service Protocol [MS-OXWSNTIF]: Notifications Web Service Protocol [MS-OXWSOLPS]: Online Personal Search Web Service Protocol [MS-XWDVSEC]: Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Protocol Security Descriptor Extensions