KevinButton, etc.

Robby and I were hanging out at TechEd in Boston. Randomly I say, “Hey, we
should put more people in buttons.”

Long story short, Robby hacks away on some XAML and gets laughs at my expense
during his talk. Back in Redmond, Robby shows the button to
Tim. Tim thinks it
would be a good Channel 9 video.

Sufficed to say, it’s an utterly gratuitous example of Templates and WPF.

(We did a
slightly more formal discussion for MSDN TV a while back.)

Having fun with Vista...setup
Installing Vista is fun.
Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is available in my
building on campus. Choose the boot option, pick a drive, come back after lunch
and I have a recent Vista build (including a build of Office 2007 and some other
internal tools).

Talk about a great user experience.

Random hotness: everyone has seen the Tesla Roadster, right?
Wired covered it.
Slashdot covered it. There’s even a
FoxTrot cartoon.

Check out the
well-to-wheel efficiency. Read the
[PDF]. Wow!

I’m glad it’s well beyond double my car budget or I might try to justify a