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Interacting with 2D on 3D in WPF

Holy hotness!

Go build games for your XBOX

Too many links. A great write-up on FierceDeveloper.

Almost makes me want to buy a 360. (But then I wouldn't be coding WPF stuff, right?)

Diane: Space-of-the-week

Because Diane is female and we both work at Microsoft, I cannot legally use the word "hot" in this section. Diane and I met when we interned the summer of 2001. She's now out on the East Coast evangelizing.

Check out her blog. Send her a congrats comment and say Kevin told you to do so.

More teasing

I've made some hints about working on hotness (well, I guess I said "goodness"). I guess a more accurate description would be that I'm coordinating hotness.

Let's just leave it at this: 3DTools is just the start on CodePlex.

An aside: praise for Zune in Wired?

I love Wired, but the mag/website tend not to love my company much.

I was happily surprised to see this article: In Praise of Zune.

Yes, I'm posting a single positive article, while ignoring all of the negative articles from Wired and others. Still think it's nice to see our friends at Wired aren't myopic in their reviews.

Full disclosure, I've only played with the device briefly. But it's nice. If I wasn't so happy with my phone-as-music-player, I'd probably get one.

This post brought to you by Windows Live Writer . Yes, I made an attempt to proof-read this post. :-)