What is the PDC 2008 all about?

Have you heard that PDC2008 is the place to see the coolest new technology? That's right, at PDC2008, you'll discover what is in store for the future of ASP.NET. Have some fun with XNA and game development, or go in-depth with IronRuby. Other topics include: Live Mesh, Office Communications Server, SQL Server 2008, FAST, Silverlight, Oslo, Visual Studio Team System, Virtualization, SharePoint, Dynamics, Windows 7 and more! You can also network with top developers hang out with your friends and colleagues, and have fun in the L.A. sun!

Take a look at these videos for more insight into what the PDC 2008 is about:

Countdown to PDC 2008: This is the Software + Services PDC, Plus a Hard Drive Chock Full o’Bits is a PDC Attendee’s Dream Come True!

Countdown to PDC2008: Amitabh Srivastava, Corporate Vice President of Cloud, Infrastructure, & Services Has the Longest Title Ever!

Countdown to PDC2008: Extending the Data Platform to the Cloud

Countdown to PDC2008: By Developers, for Developers: Don Box and Chris Anderson

Countdown to PDC2008: Technical Fellow John Shewchuk Talks About His Talk at PDC2008