Code Highlighting and dasBlog 1.6 hotfix

A while ago I blogged about a new feature of dasBlog: the ability to highlight .NET code. Thanks to Scott Hanselman who let me know that I forgot to add the necessary xml file for the code highlighter to the 1.6 release :-(. As such I've uploaded it to the workspace. I'd rather not rev each and every download up there so this won't be rolled into a release till the next rev or hotfix if there is one.

Steps to install:

  1. Download .zip file and expand
  2. Copy CodeHighlightDefinitions.xml to the ftb folder in your dasBlog root.

The version in 1.6 is actually based on the AylarSolutions.Highlight v2.0 by Thomas Johansen. Thomas even has a cool demo of how you can integrate his work into Free Text Box. However, for dasBlog I chose a different route. You click a button and get a pop-up window where you paste in your code, parse to see the result, and then insert the raw html into the blog post.

Scott Watermasysk is taking a different approach in .Text