dasBlog 1.6 released

I've released dasBlog 1.6. You can read the release notes and the new features and bug fixes.

There are many flavors for the the bits on the dasBlog workspace.

In short, there are many bug fixes, Atom 0.3 support, even better Search feature, some new macros, better permission failures, perf enhancements, log file archiving and some others.

Special thanks to all the workspace contributers for all their work!

On another note. I'm not sure I can bear doing another release on GotDotNet. I love GDN for some of my smaller projects, but it took me over 4 hours this weekend to checkout/checkin the entire source as well as uploadĀ 5 releases. Using the Windows Forms interface for GDN is like watching a turtle do the 400 meter dash.