Enclosure support in dasBlog

Well, thanks to some encouragement from Jeff Sandquist, I just recently added Enclosure support to dasBlog. It was a bit tricky because RSS 2.0 only allows for a single enclosure per item. I didn't want to get burned by the spec changing at some point, so dasBlog actually supportany number of attachments, but only one enclosure. Right now there is no UI for adding anything except for one. Eventually I'll add things like Photos, or whatever.

The nice thing about this is that when you add an attachment they are automatically added in your content/binaries/[entryId]/ folder. So now, when you delete an entry, the folder goes away as well and you don't have any straglers lying around.

If this worked, you should be able to download registry keys that will prevent office documents from opening in IE. Click the enclosure icon below (if you are reading this in an RSS reader it may not display the enclosure link).

Just one of many things coming to a dasBlog near you. Seriosly, Scott just finished setting up our SourceFourge site, and once we give a beta out to a few folks to make sure nuthin is broken, we'll have a public beta release. The Runtime has changed a lot, so we want to be carefull. However, I think Scott fixed a ton of threading bugs in the process (dasBlog wasn't very threadsafe, and this caused lots of wierd stuff).