Getting Things Done Add-in going to be updated

This is most excellent news. The folks at Netcentrics are going to be updating the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-in. I applaud them for the transparency with which they are presenting their plans. I purchased the add-in last year and grew frustrated with it, so I wrote my own implementation in managed code (don't ask me for it, I'm not releasing it). However, I still struggle with various Outlook Interop issues and just don't have the time to deal with them.

Interestingly enough, a few weeks ago I got in touch with Scoble, who got me in touch with David Allen, who got me in touch with Jeffrey Phillips who does Marketing and BizDev over at Netcentrics. I wrote up a lengthy email of all my issues, and sent him the work that I did as well as my source code. A few days later I got an email from another employee at Netcentrics letting me know they were planning on releasing a new update this summer and asked that I continue to send feedback. I'm really happy that they were open about getting any feedback from me. GTD is so very important to me that having excellent software in Outlook is critical.

Needless to day I anxiously await the new version!

[via Marc Orchant]