Got my Treo 650

Yesterday I received my Treo 650. I'll post a full review later on (compare it from the perspective of some one who has used Pocket PC from 1.0 to 2003 SE and SmartPhone 2002/3). The last Palm I used was a Palm V many years ago. And before that I used the US Robotics Palm Pilot 1000 (upgraded), a Palm III and finally a Palm V and Vx.

My intial thoughts:

  • Form Factor ROCKS
  • Not much bigger than my Audiovox 5600
  • Much more stable when making/receiving calls than Windows Mobile
  • Exhchange Mail Sync/Calendar Sync mostly works. Lots of missing features, and some that are better.
  • The screen resolution rocks
  • Not having a multi-threaded OS sucks
  • Having 1 bagillion apps to chose from is good. Everything I used on the PPC is available on the Palm.
  • Limiting Categories to 15 characters SUCKS! Common Palm!!! you fixed Contacts by adding support for 3 addresses and more than 5 phone numbers but you left this part BROKEN.
  • Bluetooth Sync with my Tablet PC is 5000% better than trying to make Bluetooh + ActiveSync + Audiovox work. In fact I never did get it to work and I spent an hour on it. With my Treo I spend 2 min.

I already love the device. But, it's 4:53 pm, and it's 85 degrees in San Francisco. I'm out of here!