Got my Wrist.NET Watch

I think this is the first time I've gotten a brand new Microsoft product so close to launch (usually I'm either dogfooding before, or wait a while like I did with Pocket PC).

Anyway, I got the Abacus Wrist Net Smart Watch for MSN Direct (AU4000). This watch is made by Fossil but branded differently. It's the cheapest Wrist.NET watch at $129. From what I can tell it's identical to the more expensive Fossil Round which is $179. You can get it from, CompUSA etc. For $129 I was willing to give this thing a go, and I'm pretty glad I did. So far I really like the functionality.


I will write a review later this week, but for now here are some great resources to check out if you are wondering about them:

I was pretty hesitant to even write this. You see I have unjustly earned a reputation at work for being an early adopter and “loving my new product” only to ditch it 2 weeks later. My co-workers sometimes ignore my gushing about new products till after the “break in period” has been reached and they are convinced that I'm not going to ditch this product for something better ;-).

This bring the total number of Microsoft OSes I run to 7 (XP Pro, Tablet, Media Center, 2003 Server, Smartphone, PocketPC, Wrist.NET).

(cool, I just got breaking news that the US Terror Alert will go down to yellow. I feel safer already :-P)

PS - if you are reading this on (hello) I am crossposting this from my personal blog. I've decided that things in my Microsoft & .NET category will get crossposted since they are 100% Microsoft related, plus Cross Posting is a cool dasBlog feature and .Text aggregating posts to the front page is super cool. I get so much useful information this way.