JPEG Hammer & PhotoLibrary progress

A long time ago, I started a little project to do a simple thing: Automatically rotate Jpeg images based on the EXIF orientation tag that some cameras embed. I also wanted an easy way to adjust the Date & Time of my photos based on a timezone offset. The scenario being: you get on a plane to go somewhere, take a bunch of pictures but forget to change the Date & Time on your camera. Well this fixes that. Then I started to mess around with EXIF information and decided that I wanted to build a Class that essentially wrapped all the EXIF 2.2 tags into a nice object.

Well I think I am ready for a preview release. I created a GDN workspace for the project a while back but I’ve been too busy to finish everything up. In the next few days (maybe this weekend) I’ll make available a preview of JPEG Hammer and PhotoLibrary. I’d love to get some feedback from people on what PhotoLibrary is missing or what could be different. This is the first time I’ve ever designed a class to be re-usable by other folks (I plan on using it in dasBlog for my pending PhotoAlbum feature which is taking me forever to complete).

You can see a list of all Properties, Members of the Photo Class.