Microsoft DigitalPersona (Biometric Fingerprint Reader)

Who ever said Microsoft doesn't innovate is just full of it. I just picked up the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. This thing is so utterly cool. The software it comes with is awesome.

Basically it works like this. You install some software, reboot, plug in the reader and train it on any of your fingers. Now if you have a PC at home that is configured to use Fast User Switching, you just place your finger on the device and it automatically logs you in. It even knows which user to select.

But it gets better. On any web page, or Application, you can configure the device to enter your credentials. The UI is super cool, and it does an amazing job at guessing where the right text boxes are, and places this nice halo around the box to make the selection explicit. You can also point it to things if it cannot figure out what the username, password or signin buttons are. Finally you can configure it to select “Remember my password” and such. Below is a screen shot of what this looks like for logging into my blog.

I have also configured the device to enter my Microsoft Money Password, which is super cool.

Kudos to the Microsoft Hardware folks. This thing rocks. I wish my laptop had a biometric reader.