Outlook Wish List

Since it's almost Christmas, here is what I want from Santa.

  1. A button that will prevent people from including me in the reply to an email (I call this the remove me from thread button)
    1. Here in Hotmail you get these ridiculously long threads that you get added to for no good reason, or you answer a question being asked, but then you proceed to get 500 responses as the issue drags on and on.
  2. A button that will prevent people from doing a “Reply All“ to an e-mail.
    1. Some times you just don't want people to abuse email and Reply All to threads, or they accidentally Reply All rather than Little-R to a thread
  3. Managed Programmability support (Current situation with PIAs is no good).
  4. Project Management features like Entourage.
  5. better IMAP.
  6. RSS Reader.
  7. Support Internet Style replies (Plain Text messages where quoted text goes on the bottom and messages are quoted using >.
  8. Support for Format-Flowed [Thanks to Dan Crevier for catching my mistake earlier and saying Quoted Printable] 
  9. A single mail editor that works well, and doesn't have toolbars that move randomly (Word Mail).
  10. A single mail editor that generated XHTML compact output.

It's a modest list with nothing fancy. Just the things that would make me happy. I could go on and on...