PDF SpeedUp

I have previously written about how darn slow Adobe Acrobat 6 is when launching. I don't understand why Acrobat is so darn annoying. Here are some things I don't care for:

  • Don't create a “My eBooks“ folder in My Documents when I have nothing to put there.
  • Don't load 500 plugins when none of them are necessary to view a PDF
  • Don't place shortcuts for some lame Internet Printing thingy in my Start Menu (I loathe Start Menu Advertising)
  • Do install a PDF IFilter so that indexing products like Lookout can index PDFs w/o installing it seperatley
  • Don't load PDFs in IE because it is god awful slow
  • Don't make copy and paste so freaking hard
  • Don't ask me to install other Adobe software when I boot Acrobat
  • Don't create an updater (6.0.2) that creates an additional entry in my add/remove programs

If you want to fix most of these things, PDF SpeedUp is a free application that should come bundled with Acrobat. It's a must have piece of software to make Acrobat behave (as much as you can anyway).