Proud owner of FeedDemon

A few years ago I purchased TopStyle. It's simply the best CSS editor on the market. Before that I loved HomeSite, which is now owned by Macromedia. I mean really, both products rock. Nick Bradbury has always been a talented developer in my mind, and I've closely watched his FeedDemon RSS application since it first entered beta. I was a NewsGator Outlook Edition user at the time, and have since switched to using NewsGator Online Services (see my post on the subject). Latley I've been sort of wishing I had a rich Win32 client to use, and well when Nick announced that FeedDemon 1.5 would support synchronization with NGOS I figured I'd give it another shot. Well I was a few days into my trial, and generally digging the product. I love the integration with, NewsGator, and the NewsPaper styles. But best of all, I love that when I post about a problem in the support forums, I get a personal exchange with the author, and a quick resolution to my problem. Anyway, I am now a proud owner of both FeedDemon and Topstyle.

Nick writes his software using Delphi, which is really interesting. Till Windows actually ships with the .NET Framework, I'm not sure he will enjoy the same deployment/install experience he does today (if he does decide to move to C#). Not to mention that his working set with increase 10x due to the ovehead of the framework. I love that the app uses up less than 4 MB.

Anyway, I love shareware. Thanks Nick!