Sharing OneNote files across computers

It's probably not obvious that you can do this, but I thought I would let you all in on a little secret.

Some of you probably aren't lucky* enough to have access to a service like Intellimirror Folder Redirection (where your My Documents folder can be replicated among multiple machines that are part of a domain). Or, maybe you haveĀ a home PC that you want to share files with? Well, I use OneNote on all my computers, but my home PC is not part of the Microsoft domain and as such it's not easy to have quick access to the same notebook files.

Well, if you are an MSN subscriber (I have the subscription only service) you automatically get a folder in the MSN cloud. You can access this folder using WebDAV, and if you are running Windows XP, it's very easy to get to this folder from your Network Places. If you have given XP your passport account then you should have an entry in Network Places called My Web Sites on MSN. This shortcut will point to In that folder will be a folder called My Web Documents. Simply copy any OneNote sections you want to that folder and double click. Now you can jot notes in there and they will be available to any machine that can speak WebDAV and authenticate using Passport.

*while Folder Redirection is a great feature, it has many warts and I find myself fighting with it every day even though it provides me with critical functionality.