Why doesn't Shutdown work? Shutting down Windows and Shutting down Outlook requires user intervention 80% of the time for me. Yes I run Add-ins in Outlook, so what? I also run software in Windows. I don't care that an Add-in might be holding an Outlook resource, or that some Windows process won't go away. Last time I checked I was the boss of the computer. When I say shut down it should do everything in it's binary powers to exit. I mean if I can go into task manager and end processes forcibly, or hard power down my computer, I should be entitled that when I issue the same command that the software honor my request. Why is this so hard?

It's gotten so grim that I am considering buying this. What is the world coming to such that I have to pay good money for Outlook to shutdown? But my options are to run Outlook without any Addins (including my own), or paying money for another add-in to take care of business. Oh the irony. Anyone know of a similar tool for XP?