Windows Media DRM to deliver Indian Movies over the Internet

One of my co-workers, Imran, is a prime example of how powerful a rich and licensable DRM system allows people to build a business on your platform. The site that he helped create is called Masala Downloads and operates much like Cinemanow or Movielink. The difference is that Imran isn't a big media company, just a guy with an idea. Pretty cool. Here is what he has to say:

"...I was thinking about the huge Indian movie market and how the Internet could be used to deliver movies to this market.  I thought what if there was a web site where you could go, choose a movie and it gets downloaded to your computer so you can watch in less than five minutes.  It could use some system of rights management ensuring that the user can only play the movie for the time they have rented it for."

I think it's awesome that he is able to bring a bit of the Indian movie market to anyone with an internet connection and a PC. The movies are in fact DVD quality which is very impressive given that Cinemanow and Movielink have paltry collections of DVD quality stuff. He built this business by leveraging our platform APIs for Audio and Video.