Exchange Server Deployment Assistant Update for Exchange 2010 Hybrid Deployments with Office 365

We're happy to announce that the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant (ExDeploy) now includes full checklist support for configuring hybrid deployments for Exchange 2010 SP2 organizations.

This newly added scenario is for Exchange 2010 SP2 organizations interested in maintaining some users on-premises and some users hosted in the cloud by Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises. Like the Exchange 2003 scenario released in March and the Exchange 2007 scenario released in April, this Exchange 2010 scenario also uses the Hybrid Configuration wizards to streamline deployment.

Important information to know about this new Exchange 2010 scenario:

  • Information is only available in English at this time.
  • You’ll not need to add any additional Exchange 2010 servers to your current Exchange organization. Your existing on-premises Exchange 2010 servers will be configured to support the hybrid deployment.
  • If you have previously configured a hybrid deployment using ExDeploy and Exchange 2010 SP1 and still need guidance; don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! For your convenience, checklists for configuring hybrid deployments with Exchange 2010 SP1 are here.

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