What’s new with Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer? A lot!

Have you ever gotten a call from someone you know whose Outlook client is having trouble connecting to their email server? Don’t you just wish you had a tool that you could send to them that would walk them through a connectivity test and provide a simple way for them to send the results back to you?

Or perhaps you’re an administrator that has been using the Remote Connectivity Analyzer for years to verify email configuration, but wish you had a way to verify the same tests from within your organization, that provided the same diagnostic details as the RCA website?

We’ve heard requests like these, and our team has built a tool for just these scenarios. I’d like to introduce you to the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer (beta) , a portable version of the Remote Connectivity Analyzer website. Here is a short 49 second video that introduces the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer.

Watch the video and read more at http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2012/11/19/what-s-new-with-microsoft-remote-connectivity-analyzer-a-lot.aspx

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