NetBIOS Domain Name Incorrect in SCOM 2016

I noticed this when we upgraded to SCOM 2016.  After we applied UR3 the issue still persisted.  The NetBIOS Domain Name property of the Windows Computer class was not correct.  You can see this through the UI or by querying the database.

 SELECT PrincipalName, DomainDnsName, ForestDnsName, NetbiosDomainName FROM OperationsManager.dbo.MTV_Computer


PrincipalName DomainDnsName ForestDnsName NetbiosDomainName REDMOND


PrincipalName DomainDnsName ForestDnsName NetbiosDomainName

The issue appears here

  • Data Source: Microsoft.SystemCenter.WindowsComputerPropertyDiscovery
  • Discovery: Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverWindowsComputerProperties
  • Management Pack: Microsoft.SystemCenter.Internal

I checked versions 7.0.8433.0 and 6.1.7221.0 (Yes, I keep copies of the SCOM 2007 R2 Management Packs) and they both use a JScript called DiscoverWindowsComputerProperties.js which correctly identifies the NetBIOS Domain Name.

I found that later versions 7.0.8437.0 and 7.0.8437.7 of the management pack had switched to a PowerShell script called DiscoverWindowsComputerProperties.ps1 which incorrectly returns the Domain property of the Win32_ComputerSystem class in WMI as the NetBIOS domain name.

While I am hopeful that this issue will be corrected in future Update Rollup, I have created a management pack that disables the PowerShell discovery and replaces it with the JScript discovery from version 7.0.8433.0 of the management pack.  I am attaching the unsealed management pack to this post which you may use or evaluate if you so choose.  This management pack is not officially supported or endorsed by Microsoft, so use at your own risk.

 Link to download management pack: UnsealedMP