☆☑ Announcing Tag Support

API Support for Tags was a heavily requested feature the OneNote REST API UserVoice community. Today we're happy to announce that the API now supports creating and reading all of OneNote's built in tags, including ☑checkboxes, ☆stars, highlights, and more.

Tags can be added to an element by adding a data-tag attribute. You can check out the full list of supported tags in this gist or jump right into creating your own with some of the samples below.

Simple To-Do List

<li data-tag='to-do:completed'>Write Tag Support Blog Post</li>
<li data-tag='to-do'>Publish Tag Support Blog Post</li>

Important Item

<p data-tag='important'>Remember to mention submitting UserVoice feedback</p>

When you retrieve the content of a page, you'll find your data-tag attribute right where you left it.

That's all there is to it. Now get tagging!

-Nick, on behalf of the OneNote API Team