Get Recent Notebooks API


One of the most commonly used scenario in OneNote clients is to open your notebook, File => Open => Open Notebook


Or in some OneNote clients, there is a Home => More Notebooks dialog.


Or if you login to you will see a list of Recent notebooks like this:


For all these above scenarios and many more, we have a new API called GetRecentNotebooks. Here's how you can call it (with your Microsoft or Work account):


This will return the following JSON payload:


There is a flag to specify whether you want to include your owned personal notebooks in the API response or not. Here's how you can specify the "includePersonalNotebooks" flag:

GET**true**) OR


You can use this API to keep track of all your recently accessed notebooks. Or to quickly access a notebook that you recently visited.

Since the API always returns your recent notebooks sorted by most recently used, this is a pretty neat way to get your recent most notebook at the top of the list.