New Page Tab Powertoy for OneNote 2010

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the new features introduced in OneNote 2010 is the ability to collapse and expand subpages.  This gives you the ability to easily de-clutter your section and only view the top-level pages.  If you have multiple page groups in your section it can become burdensome to collapse/expand each page group individually.  So I decided to create a powertoy to do this for you.

To use it, just click the Toggle All Groups button to collapse/expand all the page groups in the current section.  There is a bit of logic to determine whether it should expand or collapse the page groups.  For example, say you have a section where some of the page groups are already collapsed while others are expanded.  How should the tool determine what the proper behavior is?  Should it just reverse the current state of all page groups?  That sort of defeats the purpose, since the design of the tool is to display all or hide all of the subpages.  So the logic is to take the state of the first page group in the section, reverse it, then match all remaining page groups to it.

As a bonus, I added 3 additional buttons to do some simple tasks that are probably just as easy to do without this tool.  But I found myself on occasion wanting to do this without following the normal way of doing things in OneNote.

There’s a button to collapse only the current page group, rather than all page groups.  In addition, there are buttons to increase or decrease the indentation of the current page tab.

The buttons are installed under the View tab and are found in the Page Tabs group:View

You can download the tool below.  I hope you enjoy it.