Page Tabs in OneNote 2010

Here at Microsoft, we’re approaching the tail end of our release cycle.  We’ve been working hard on the new version of OneNote since we released OneNote 2007 and it’s almost ready.  I wanted to give you a taste of some of the OneNote 2010 goodness that will be coming your way in the coming months.

One of the the most noticeable changes is OneNote’s new page organization abilities.  Here’s an example of a set of pages in a OneNote 2007 section:

OneNote 2007 page list

Notice how each page tab is either fully extended, or slightly indented along the right edge.  To learn more about pages in OneNote, click here.  The indented pages are called “subpages”, and really only differ in appearance, (slight indentation along the outside edge).

In OneNote 2010, we’ve changed the appearance of the subpages to be indented on the inside of the page tab rather than on the outside.  We’ve also modified the color gradient of the subpages to be slightly less than their parent pages.  Here’s a look at the same section as portrayed above, opened in OneNote 2010.

OneNote 2010 page list

In addition, we’ve added a new 3rd level subpage and changed its indentation to be greater than it’s parent subpage, as well as a lighter color gradient than their parent pages.  Here’s a sample of what a section with 3rd level subpages might look like in OneNote 2010:

OneNote 2010, 3rd level pages

Notice the indentation of the level 2 pages (Transportation, Lodging and Sightseeing) and the indentation of the level 3 pages (Hotel A and Hotel B).  Also, notice how the level 3 pages have a different color gradient than the level 2 pages.

One final note, we’ve added the ability to collapse a page group in order to reduce the amount of clutter.  Here’s a look at the same section with the Destination A page group collapsed.

OneNote 2010 collapsed page group