Word Count for OneNote 14

OneNote is a great tool for folks who want to jot down random thoughts or ideas.  It’s a tool that appeals to the neat and organized, as well as to the awkward and clumsy note taker.  At OneNote, we affectionately refer to these two stereotypes as "filers" and "pilers".

OneNote is often used as the birthplace of a document’s origin, which will eventually become a published work of some kind.  No matter how free-flowing your thoughts are, OneNote has a way of adapting to your own personal style.

However, one feature that OneNote lacks inherently is a word counter.  If you ever find yourself wishing you knew how many words or characters you’ve created before you’re ready to move your notes to that next level, you have to count them yourself, or take the content into another program such as Microsoft Word and run it’s word counter.

Well, no more…because I’ve written a OneNote add-in that does just that.  It counts the number of words, characters (with and without spaces), outlines, paragraphs and ink words on a page.  If you find yourself wishing you had this feature in OneNote, try installing this add-in.  Once it’s installed, click on the Review tab where you’ll find the Word Count button.





OneNote Wordcount.zip