Compose #WPF applications using pre-defined designer created views #XAML(AppModels)

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AppModels are now live on CodePlex

When you are facing the buy-vs-build question, often the reason for "build" is that you have a unique back end. You would probably be happy to use a front end you didn't write, as long as you could hook it into your data store. The Application Models project is aimed at just this problem. AppModels are pre-packaged XAML views and data models organized around application domains such as Project Management, Sales and Human Resources. Using the AppModels VS2008 add-in, developers can compose WPF applications using pre-designed views, and hook those views into a WPF Client application or data source with minimal code and a high level of reusability. 

Features include:

  • A Full Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) stack
  • Fully-themed WPF XAML views
  • ADO.Net Entity Framework integration
  • Models can be integrated into WPF or VSTO applications
  • Seven AppModel starter packages hosted on CodePlex
  • Code-generation tools

Two visual themes can be applied to all of the visual assets.  Each Theme has a set of icons that were built using Expression Design and exported as XAML, a Resource Dictionary containing custom styles, and a customized set of “Simple Style” user controls. All the Views share the same style naming conventions and have been constructed to support creating many different looks by simply modifying the presentation values in the Resource Dictionaries.  

Screenshot 1: AppModel Theme 1
Screenshot 2: AppModel Theme 1
Screenshot 3 of AppModel Theme 2
Screenshot 4: AppModel Theme 2