Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express RC go live!

If you are interesting in Enterprise Search, now it is your chance to give a test drive on your own box!

After several months' work, we launched Microsoft Search Server Express to the public:). Download it here:

One of the most important enhancement over MOSSfS is federated search function. That's why I talked about OpenSearch in my former post Some OpenSearch sites for reference. You can use those RSS feeds to integrate extranet search engines, and other funny application. I'm the guy who created the most of the federation connector on the official site, so if you have any questions, you can ask on our search server forum, I'll give you the answer asap:)

Here's a sample I created, for integrate different image/video site such as Flickr Tag Search, Yahoo Image Search and Youtube.


Another sample, search for lotus notes, and show experts for lotus notes in LinkedIn at the sametime.