Now available: The Opalis Integration Pack for PowerShell Script Execution

downloadLooks like Microsoft’s own Charles Joy announced the next addition to his collection of OIS 6.3 QIK based Integration Packs (IPs) on CodePlex. As you can see from the blog title, this one is all about PowerShell:

If you have worked with PowerShell in OIS, you have likely needed to reference blog posts which address workarounds for PS running from x64 machines:

My goal in building this IP was to eliminate the need for this workaround using the “Run .Net Script” object. In the workaround, not only do you have to increase the number of scripting lines, but you also have to include credential information (either as plain text in the script or stored as plain text in an OIS variable). I believe both of these limitations from the workaround have been addressed with this IP.

For all the details see Charles’ blog post here.

J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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