The OpsMgr 2012 Community Evaluation Program (CEP) is now taking applications

AnnouncementLooks like the good folks over on the Operations Manager team blog just announced that they’ve started taking applications for the OpsMgr 2012 Community Evaluation Program (CEP).  So what exactly is a CEP?  Well many of you are likely familiar with Microsoft TAPs (Technology Adoption Programs) where a small pool of customers partner with our engineering teams to preview and provide feedback on pre-beta software. TAP participants provide our engineers with some early guidance and validation of next generation software, prior to us releasing publicly-available beta software. TAP is a great program, but it starts very, very early on and usually fills up quick, and way before beta. While the OpsMgr 2012 TAP has been very active in helping us with early builds it is unfortunately full.  That’s where the CEP comes in.  The Community Evaluation Program (CEP) was created to provide a broader range of customers with an in-depth experience with our upcoming beta software.  Essentially, a CEP is an organized way of bringing our subject matter experts (SMEs) from our product teams, our community (like MVPs and experienced users) and those interested in taking a deep look at our v.Next software for evaluation and preparation for deployment purposes.

For all the details and information on how apply, please se the following:


J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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