Marketplace Updates Galore! More Free Apps, No need for Support in your app

Woo! All registered Marketplace should have gotten their regular newsletter which this time comes packed with goodies:

  1. Free app submissions ramped from 5 to 100! The assumption here is that this is submissions and not actual apps (so if you fail an initial submission you lose a token), but updates are still unlimited.
  2. You'll no longer fail certification if you don't include support contact information. I honestly think this is a bad move (how hard is it to setup an email?) but there if you have it - at least people will no longer fail certification because of it!
  3. We've partnered with to get phones that don't require a contract. Visit: for more information
  4. If you're part of a user group you're going to want to check out this competition that nets you $100 for your UG for every submitted app:

Now - let's hope that every newsletter brings these kinds of updates!