Los recursos tecnicos fundamentales en BPOS (de brettlog.com)

Aqui va una excelente recopilacion de los ultimos recursos tecnicos alrededor de BPOS, algunos de ellos requieren que seas partner registrado de MS Online, ya sabeis, el site https://www.quickstartonlineservices.com

Category 1: Must read and keep on a USB key.


In other words, this is core content that you cannot be without. You will constantly refer back to it and it needs to be refreshed every month.



Service Descriptions and white papers:


The abosolute best resource is the Deployment Site . There will find a link to the holy grail of BPOS-S technical information related to migration: The BPOS Deployment Guide.

Useful detail can be found in a more summary form in the Service Descriptions:

· Exchange Online Standard

·         SharePoint Online Standard

·         Office Communications Online Standard

·         Blackberry and Mobile Details

Category 2: Must read, subscribe and check when updated


·         BPOS Team Blog
THE place you will get the latest info on new services, updates and content

·         Microsoft Online Service Notifications RSS Feed
If there are problems with the service this is the official notification vehicle.

·         Business Productivity Online Suite Onboarding and Discovery Checklist for Partners
Partner only resource that details pre-sales discovery detais.

Category 3: Online Training




·         “How do I” videos – quick and useful, but keep an eye on the dates. Services change regularly, webcasts don’t.


·         Getting Your Directory and Mail Content Into Microsoft Online Services: An Overview

·         Migration to BPOS

·         Microsoft Online Services, the choice of businesses – BPOS or Google

·         BPOS 101: Exploring Microsoft Online Services

·         Using PowerShell with Microsoft Online Services

·         Filtering and Archiving with Exchange Online



Start here:

·         BPOS Administration and Onboarding 1 day online training class:
BPOS end to end: Level 100-200


·         Administering Exchange Online : 3 hours focus on Exchange Online and

·         Administrating SharePoint Online: 3 hours focus on SharePoint Online


·         Migration and Onboarding Deep Dive :
The Deployment Guide (above) should be used the most current reference. This deep dive is still solid though and contains detailed content on migration and pre-sales discovery. Level 200-400.


Then: See Depth Guidance references

Category 4: Online References


·         FAQ – quick reference for international availability (at bottom) and other useful topics

·         Microsoft Online Services TechCenter on Technet

·         BPOS Documentation on Technet

·         BPOS Online Help

·         Securing Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure: How we do it. Useful info about what goes on tour data center(s). Includes more than BPOS.

·         Security in Business Productivity Online Suite. Details on BPOS data center specifically.


Category 5: Depth Guidance


· Infrastructure Planning Guides – very good for walking through evaluating on-premise to online migrations.

o   SharePoint Online

o   Exchange Online


·         Developers Guides: what you can and can’t do with web services and BPOS.

o   Exchange Online

o   SharePoint Online


· Partners: See the Partner Migration Toolkit :
This is a key resource that is not as well known as it should be.

Category 6: Tools

·         Speed Testing paper
(Guidance for Microsoft Online Services Multinational Customers)

·         Network connectivity analysis tool in North America (United States) data center

·         Network connectivity analysis tool in Europe (Ireland) data center

·         Network connectivity analysis tool in Asia-Pacific (Singapore) data center

·         Microsoft Online Services Diagnostic and Logging Support

·         Office Communicator for BPOS

·         Microsoft Online Sign in Client

·         Outlook 2003 Sign in Connector

·         Mac Sign in Client

·         Migration Tool – 32 bit: Regulalry updated with new powershell capabilities.

·         Migration Tool – 64 bit: Regulalry updated with new powershell capabilities.

·         Directory Synch