Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts. Or How to Succeed at Everything.


I’m sure that you, like me, like to do things quickly and efficiently. I mean, come on, who hasn’t eaten their toast in the shower, while brushing their teeth? Sometimes you just need to do something quickly and efficiently and get stuff done.

That being said, here are some handy (and also dandy) Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

 windows-key This is your Windows Key. Find it on your Keyboard now. I’ll give you an hour or two.

Found it? Good. I was getting worried. You can now use it in combination with other keys to do magic stuff.

windows-key_small by itself brings up the Start Menu.

windows-key_small +1 Brings up the 1st application in the Taskbar.

windows-key_small +2 Brings up the 2nd application in the Taskbar. What do you suppose +3 brings up?

windows-key_small +A Brings up the Action Center.

windows-key_small+C Get Cortana’s undivided attention.

windows-key_small+D Switch back and forth from desktop to applications.

windows-key_small+E Open File Explorer

windows-key_small+G Open the Game Bar

windows-key_small+H Open the Share Charm.

windows-key_small+I Open the Settings App.

windows-key_small+K Open the Connect pane to connect to a wireless display or change a Bluetooth connection.

windows-key_small+L Lock the device.

windows-key_small+M Minimize all Windows.

windows-key_small+P Open the Project Display Settings.

windows-key_small+R Open the RUN dialog.

windows-key_small+S Open Cortana to Search

windows-key_small+U Open the Ease of Access Center

windows-key_small+X Open the Start Menu Advanced Context.

windows-key_small+Enter Launch Narrator.

windows-key_small+, Desktop Peek.

windows-key_small+Switch to Opened Windows View.

windows-key_small+ Plus Sign Zoom In.

windows-key_small+ Minus Sign Zoon Out.

windows-key_small+ Up, or Down, Or Right Or Left Arrows Fun with Windows!

windows-key_small+Shift + Up or Down Or Right Or Left Arrows More Fun with Windows!

windows-key_small+Control +D Create a New Virtual Desktop

windows-key_small+Control + F4 Close the current Virtual Desktop.

windows-key_small+? Launch the Windows Feedback App.

windows-key_small+Print Screen Take a screenshot and place it in the Computer\Pictures\Screenshots folder.

windows-key_small+THX1138 Win a role in the next Star Wars film! (just kidding).

Have fun!