Windows 8.1 Store seems confused about online status after upgrade.

After upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 on one of my laptops, I noticed that even though I was connected to the internet (via hotel wireless), the Windows Store didn’t seem to think I had any internet connection at all.

Opening the Windows Store would result in this page.


No proxy information was necessary for the internet hotel connection, but I did have to accept the hotel EULA before the hotel network quarantine handed me a valid IP.  My assumption here, is that my poor little Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6205 wireless card just got stressed out and confused in the process.  I decided to disable and re-enable the little guy to see if that would clear things up.

To do this open PowerShell as an Administrator


First things first, I had to get the names of my wireless network adapter to make sure I was fixing the right problem.

To do this type ‘Get-NetAdapter –Name *’ in the PS window.


This returns a list of network adapter names.


In my case, my wireless network adapter is named ‘Wi-Fi’.

So then I verified what command I needed to use to Disable and Enable my ‘Wi-Fi’ network adapter with the Get-Help NetAdapter command.


Combining the Disable-NetAdapter cmdlet with my wireless card’s name gives me this command.

‘Disable-NetAdapter –Name ‘Wi-Fi’’


And I then re-enable the adapter the same way.

‘Enable-NetAdapter –Name ‘Wi-Fi’’


I verified my laptop was back on the internet by going to, and then tried opening the Windows Store again.


Success.  My network card is no longer confused.