QnA: How come some Outlook fields are not sync-ed to device?



Why does pocket outlook not contain all the phone number fields that outlook has?

Specifically the "Other" and "Other fax" fields are missing in a pocket outlook contact. This means that the phone numbers for many of my contacts (over 200) do not appear on my new smartphone. Is there any workaround for this or do I have to manually move 200 odd numbers from the "Other" field into an alternative such as "Home 2" which is synchronised.



We decided to omit some less frequently used fields from the desktop Outlook to reduce number of fields showing on the Contact Edit Card on device. We felt that the Edit Card would be difficult to use if we have too many fields on it. I am sorry that this is affecting you. As you pointed out, you would need to move the Other / Other Fax to the fields that we support synchronization.



Joe Chiu
SDET, Outlook Mobile