Acceleration Ready to go in Reno

Well the crew has the two display areas all setup and just about ready to go for tomorrow's activities. I helped get Acceleration installed on top of FSX and that part went without a hitch. We got all the machines activated, and the network setup then we tweaked the settings slightly (the Intel quad core boxes are kicking some serious butt), then I proceeded to teach Mike Singer how to fly the Reno course without blowing up is engine or getting disqualified. He needs some more practice, but at least he understands the course now and can help others learn it as well.

As we were doing some practicing an air racing fan that has been coming to Reno every year since 1967 stopped by. We weren't exactly ready for live demos yet, but considering his eagerness and lifetime of coming to Reno, we invited him to race with us. He was in heaven and loving every minute of it (even with the few bugs that were rearing their ugly heads). He was so happy that when he left the tent he gave me a huge hug! I'm sure we will see more of him and his friends tomorrow!

I think it will be a good week and that we will show pretty well. I'll be working the VIP area most of the time as I know several of the race pilots and some crew. We are in the T6 association hangar and the great guys at Motoart have decorated the booth with some fantastic aviation furniture.

The racing should be great too as Rare Bear (F8F Bearcat), September Fury (Sea Fury), and Strega (P-51 Mustang) are likely gunning for the top spot (and all seem healthy), while Voodoo (P-51), Dreadnought (Sea Fury), and CzechMate (Yak 11) are all running very strong in the range 450 mph laps. The Jet Class is getting pretty interesting as well with a T2 Buckeye running over 500 mph and a T33 posting a course speedĀ of 525 mph. I also have to mention Relentless (NXT) in the Sport Class who broke the class qualification record at 378 mph. Keep in mind Relentless is a kit-built aircraft with a 550 cubic inch engine running faster than a stock P-51 Mustang with 1650 cubic inches of power.

If you are interested in following the racing head over to Warbird Aero Press or AAFO and check out the forums.