Well the holiday season is here and we are pretty much in a non-work mode. The entire office has been shut down all week and will be next week as well. It's probably just as well because a huge windstorm came through Seattle and much of the area around our office has been without power for a week (and some areas won't have power until after Christmas)! I feel for them as the camping at home thing gets old quick. Luckily I only lost power for a day but I was prepared with full gas cans for the generator and the woodstove pumping out heat just in case... Even though many without power have generators, a lot of gas stations ran out of gas. I've heard the hotels have filled up and Microsoft opened at least one of it's buildings for refugees to get warm and get some sleep. It's been pretty crazy.

I'm sure all of you already know about the SDK service pack (SDK SP1) being released. It seems there are a lot of people working hard getting stuff out for FSX. Of course the FSX SP1 is underway as well as the DX10 update. In addition we have the new project that Tdragger moved to plus other FS stuff that I have been working on. We've been very busy... We probably won't publically announce anything too juicy until sometime in the Spring. hopefully we can get the beta team engaged before that.

I get a lot of e-mail via this blog asking me specific questions about how to do this or that in FSX, what the best hardware is, etc. Unfortunately I don't have time to answer all of them and most if not all of the answers are posted in the various forums anyway. If you don't know about the forums, go to the links page on fsinsider here: and try some of them out. Look for a link on the various community sites called "forum" or "message board."

I don't know if anyone noticed, but Hal wrote a performance article with input from the devs on the team. For you hardcore folks there isn't likely much here you don't already know, but for others there might be some good info. Here's the link: <’s-Your-Frame-Rate-Part-II.htm> There are other interesting articles on the main articles page here: We should have a new look and feel soon, so keep an eye out for that.