Thank You to Acceleration Partners

Although this information is quietly and publically included in the credits (under the help menu "about" section) I want to call out the great work from the companies and individuals that created content for Acceleration or contributed to helping us do the same.

Captain Sim created the exterior model for the F/A-18a which looks absolutely amazing. It's a great model and I think you will enjoy seeing it flying around (or even just sitting around for that matter) and I'm looking forward to some amazing screenshots with this aircraft.

Virtuali s.a.s. created the virtual cockpit for the F/A-18a including all of the 3D gauges and functioning glass panels. The radar page was a great surprise as we didn't think we would get that late in the game, but it is very cool. They did an amazing job on this cockpit and all of the functionality in it, and I couldn't be happier with their work. If you have seen the Cloud 9 F4 Phantom, you will be familiar with their work and the F/A-18a is a real standout. Virtuali s.a.s. also created the glass gauges for the EH-101 which turned out nice as well.

Sibwings created the P-51D Mustang for us and I think it turned out great. I know the owners of the Mustangs we depict in Acceleration are very happy with the way it looks in Acceleration.

Things to Come created the amazing scenery for Edwards AFB. When you get your hands on Acceleration be sure to spend some time poking around Edwards as there is a lot of detail in the area. It's very well setup for some custom missions or multi-player flying. They also created three custom missions to fly at Edwards which I think add to the experience very nicely.

Kevin Greene is a member of the greater Flight Simulator community and he developed and contributed to the design of four missions in Acceleration. He added some great ideas and feel to the missions and was a work horse getting them built and tested. I know they weren't easy to build with all the story branches and AI craziness, so I really appreciate all of his hard work and contribution to the product.

Of course our internal team worked very hard to integrate all of this content into Acceleration, fixed many bugs in the end game and did a great job in a short development cycle!

Lastly I want to thank the Mustang owners and other racing pilots that helped us with information about air racing and made a difference in our being able to create a fun, exciting, and pretty realistic racing experience. Same goes for the F-14 and F-18 pilots that helped us out with carrier operations, and helicopter afficianados on the EH-101!

I hope you enjoy what we have all created.