Busy week: ADO.NET Data Services v1.5 CTP coming and "Astoria Offline" preview out

We announced two releases this week, kind of usual but it worked out this way.

The first one is the first CTP of ADO.NET Data Services v1.5. This is the next version of "Astoria" or the ADO.NET Data Services framework, and it includes a number of enhancements that were requested both by the developer community and by some internal partners. More details about this upcoming release here.

The second one is the preview release of an exploration project we have been calling "Astoria Offline". This project sits at the intersection between Data Services, Sync Framework, SQL Express/Compact and the Entity Framework. It will be interesting to see what folks think about it. I'm personally very interested in this space so I'm happy to see this finally out. As the announcement says, this is not an "official" product or anything like that, but more like an early experiment to understand the problem space. More details about the release and pointers to the download page available in the announcement in the Data Services team blog.

Looking forward to hear feedback about both of these releases and the technologies behind them.